What is your risk of developing skin cancer?


  Score: 9 +, Risk: High

What you should do…
If you haven’t had a skin check in the pa
st year, get a check as soon as possible. You should also SCAN your skin yourself every 3 months, plus have a skin check by a doctor at least once a year, or possibly more frequently as determined by the doctor.

Score: 4 to 8, Risk: Medium

What you should do…
Start with a skin check by a doctor. SCAN your skin at least twice a year. Continue to see a doctor for skin checks every 2-3 years, or if you have any concerns.

Score: 0 to 3, Risk: Low

What you should do…
SCAN your skin yourself at least once each year. See a doctor for a one-off skin check, or if you have any concerns. Remember – Low risk doesn’t mean NO risk!


(This is a general guide only. Your doctor may recommend a different skin check programme)